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EBIKES Greece in Meteora
The ultimate treasure hunting expedition

Join this, totally family-friendly, thrilling adventrure with our treasure hunt tour, where mystery and excitement await in every turn. Guided by clues and fueled by curiosity, explore treasures and mysteries of the past hidden in the city of Kalambaka and the area of Meteora. From solving anagrams to a lot of fun puzzles, every challenge brings you closer to the most historical places of our ancient land. Learn about the myths and traditions in the area, immerge in the culinary and uncover the hidden gems. Book this unforgettable expedition that promises excitement and the chance to make history come alive.

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  • Incorporate stops at historical landmarks where participants cn learn about the area's past while searching for the next clue.

  • Explore all the hidden gems by interactive challenges that require participants to solve puzzles or complete tasks to uncover clues.

  • Intergrate elements of local culture such as traditional food or art into the treasure hunt experience.

  • incorporate team-building activities that require collaboration and communication among participan to solve the riddles and reach the treasures

  • Join a small up to 8 people group.


Tour includes

  • Use of E-Bike

  • Bottled water

  • Helmet

  • Treasure hunting tools



Know before your ride

-This tour is not for absolut beginners cause you have to share the road with cars and buses, moving in a slow pace though, and you have not to be affraid riding in a road without bicycle lane
- Participants must be at least 1.40 meters high and less than 140kg
-You must be dressed appropriate to enter the monasteries. See the dresscode by clicking here

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